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Santa – An Excellence Case Study

In the world of excellence, we’re always looking for examples of organisations that achieve outstanding results time and time again. So, at this time of year, let’s focus on the incredible achievements of Santa. Find out the secrets of his success in our Excellence Case Study.



  1. Mark Jerome

    What are the methane emissions of eight reindeer?

    • John

      Hi Mark,

      Thanks for posting. The question did occur to us 🙂 … In research we confirmed that their flying ability is magical (not methane jet powered) and discovered that the reindeer are fed special diet which is lichen based. Independent research conducted by the Arctic University of Norway has found that the “intake of lichens depress methane emissions in reindeer” ( So, while it’s not zero, it’s best in class for what Santa achieves.

      Hope you’ve plenty of cheer and Ho Ho Ho next weekend!

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