Vision & Mission


To be the world’s leading membership body for Business Excellence professionals.



We exist to help organizations and people achieve better results. Our mission is:

To achieve outstanding results for all our stakeholders by:

  • inspiring and helping organizations on their journey to excellence
  • leveraging the knowledge, skill, innovation and team work of our people and the Business Excellence Institute’s community to add real value to their businesses
  • promoting excellence in management and Business Excellence as a profession.


Our only quality objective is to improve our capability to achieve our mission. Other objectives are set by management as required to facilitate this.

What we do to achieve our mission

  • Offer Professional Qualifications
  • Share experience, tools, & best practice
  • Provide training, coaching & mentoring
  • Work with organizations on strategy & organizational development
  • Run the Business Learning Games Competition to promote excellence in management education
  • Encourage members to help members
  • Allow our values to guide us
  • More…