The Business Excellence Institute

We exist to help organizations and people achieve better results for all their stakeholders.

Our mission is:

To achieve outstanding results for all our stakeholders by:

  • Inspiring and helping organizations on their journey to excellence
  • Nurturing members’ competencies
  • Leveraging the knowledge, skill, innovation, and teamwork of our people and our member community
  • Enabling excellence in management and promoting Business Excellence as a profession

We want to make the world a better place

Our Services

Baseline Certification

Baseline Certification

The Business Excellence Baseline provides organizations of all sizes with guidance to prepare for their journey to excellence. Meeting the requirements of the Baseline lets organizations know that they have a solid foundation on which to build excellence.


Training & Executive Education

To be competitive, organizations need to learn and evolve, effectively crafting strategy and responding to change to grow their business. To facilitate this, in addition to our online Management Ecademy courses, we offer a portfolio of instructor-delivered classroom training and workshops.


Mentoring & Coaching

Business mentoring and coaching can help even seasoned leaders achieve their full potential. Our coaches and mentors – who all have leadership experience in various national and international contexts – are here to help.

Excellence Assessment

Excellence Assessment

Excellence Assessment gives organizations a roadmap for their journey to excellence and a yardstick by which to measure their progress. We can assess any organization (from a small business to a national government) using any regional framework or model.

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To remain competitive, organizations need to continuously learn and adapt. Strategic learning is based on experience so the more experience you can tap into the better. When organizations share their experiences and ideas it enables cross-pollination that can be highly beneficial.

Advisory Services

Advisory Services

Our Advisory Services are disruptive, they do not require you to accept a model where you have junior associates, who may even be learning to do their jobs on your time, while you pay for the overhead of partners who spend most of their time working on business development for their own firm.

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The Business Excellence Institute is built on the values outlined here. They are not just words – they are the foundation that determines what we do and how we do it. They are also the values that we promote.

Our Core Values

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Integrity & Honesty


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The Excellence Manifesto

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The Excellence Manifesto is a call to action. It calls on all organizations, regardless of size or sector, to publicly commit to the pursuit of excellence. This means striving to achieve optimal results for all stakeholders, continuous improvement, and pursuing a strategy that does not sell out future generations.

Recognized Excellence Experts

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What Our Members Say

I would recommend BEX to any organization wanting to outperform their peers and individual membership to anyone who is serious about enhancing their knowledge, developing their management and leadership skills, and advancing their careers.
Dirk Voigtlaender 66x66 1
Dirk Voigtländer
Head of Investor Relations,
ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE,

The BEX team are consummate professionals with a wealth of diverse experience between them. We really enjoy working with them, as they always have a new and interesting take on things. They have a fantastic focus on delivery of optimal solutions for members.
David Cullen 66x66 1
David Cullen
Partner, Head of Technology & Commercial Contracts,
William Fry,

My experience with the Institute has been very interesting and uniquely beneficial. The team strives to deliver excellence at every occasion, in every interaction. The members are often in senior positions, with a desire share, and they have a wealth of experience. I have most enjoyed some of the innovative activities such as the gamification events – lots of fun and a new way of learning. I unreservedly recommend BEX to anyone in business. Well done BEX Team!
Andrea Monaci 66x66 1
Andrea Monaci
Marketing Director IT Services Europe,
Ricoh Europe,

My membership in BEX has provided me with a wide-open window into the world of business excellence and how to help clients achieve it. While excellence and standards frameworks may be expressed in terms of a model sustained over many years, the knowledge around excellence is constantly evolving, and it’s here where BEX excels. I have found it to be the best resource yet for helping me gain greater clarity on excellence, particularly through the Knowledge base – the Articles, Tools and Blogs have been most helpful. The other great aspect of being a BEX member is the privilege of being part of an excellence community of truly accomplished fellow-members. BEX has greatly strengthened my ability to communicate the benefits and realities of excellence programs to clients in a way that’s meaningful to them.
Eric Anderson 66x66 1
Eric Anderson
Managing Director,
Smartpoint Advisory Services,

After booking a BEX event on my calendar, I do everything necessary to safeguard the date. Knowing that BEX will provide a convivial atmosphere in which to meet interesting people from multiple disciplines, I can be certain that I will come away a little richer from the experience. A newly gleaned nugget of wisdom; a new business contact; endless possibilities…
Aoife Killeen 66x66 1
Aoife Killeen
Change Consultant and Executive Business Coach,

It has been one of the great pleasures and honors of my career to make the acquaintance of John and others at BEX. They are an endless source of information, as well as unique personalities. I would recommend BEX to anyone who requires a connection to knowledgeable, fascinating experts.
David Paige
David Paige
Independent Consultant / Expert Witness,
New York

I have been a BEX member for about seven years, and a Recognized Excellence Expert since 2017. John, Matt and Neal are exceptionally competent organizational excellence professionals and a major source of inspiration and trusted advice over the years. They have provided much guidance during my United Arab Emirates’ government excellence surveys, most recently in October 2018. BEX is a wonderful international organization. Its member platform contains many useful articles, which I have shared with colleagues and clients. I strongly recommend that you become a member.
Jon Pascoe 66x66 1
Jon Pascoe
Pascoe Management Consulting,

BEX has delivered on all its promises and more. The network has been invaluable in my development and application of best practices for achieving and maintaining excellence. I have received fruitful work referrals that continue to pay dividends and have expanded my network to new territories as well as gained opportunities in other sectors. My work with BEX is, well, excellent. Their trainings are impactful, professional and cost effective. I am given all the resources and tools I need for immediate implementation and the team is always available when I have questions or need advice.
Michael Gamerl 66x66 1
Michael Gamerl
VP of Business Development,
Riiid Labs,
Los Angeles

BEX is a team of highly professional experts in a wide range of different fields. I have had the chance to meet John and exchange thoughts with him on numerous occasions, it is always fun and inspiring. I recommend BEX to anyone striving to reach outperformance.
Pierre Emmanuel Lucas 66x66 1
Pierre-Emmanuel Lucas
Product Manager,
Laird a DuPont Business,

We value our organizational membership of the Business Excellence Institute and the support we get from them. Being assessed using the Business Excellence Alignment Model (BEAM) provided us with the understanding needed to build our change map and a way to measure our change progress. They are an ongoing source of expertise and advice as we continue to navigate significant change to modernize our operations and our programming. We even turned to them to create three of our core courses, on leadership, ethics and strategy.
Dianne Tyers 66x66 1
Dianne Tyers
Dalhousie University Faculty of Open Learning & Career Development,

The Excellence Hall of Fame

Established in 2016, the Excellence Hall of Fame recognizes and celebrates people who have made significant contributions to the organizations in which they have worked or, to the discipline of management, or to society at large.