Recognized Excellence Experts

Given Name Family Name County
Nihal Akkaya Turkey
Eric Anderson Canada
Pravin Bastian India
John Bourke Ireland
Urs Bucher Switzerland
Patrícia Carvalho Portugal
Matt Fisher Belgium
Michael Gamerl USA
Julio González Bedia Spain
Michael Griffin Ireland
Victoria Hill Morocco
Greg Holder UK
Nedal Ismail Canada
Pere Juàrez Vives Spain
Yiannis Lagos Greece
Nele Leosk Estonia
Lene Lindholm Denmark
Marie Lindsay UK
Thomas Louis Switzerland
Declan Lyons Ireland
Dwight Mihalicz Canada
Susan Murray Canada
Nancy Nouaimeh United Arab Emirates
Kenji Ohdate Japan
David Paige USA
Jon Pascoe Canada
Jacques Philippaerts Belgium
Jan Hendrik Peters Germany
Pat Ring Ireland
Sergio Ríos Spain
Nilgün Saryal Turkey
Robert Scherrer Japan
Andreas Schöls USA
Shahriar Sharifi Norway
Stephen Smith Ireland
Bhaskaran Srinivasan India
Neal Traynor Ireland
Dianne Tyers Canada

Excellence Practitioners and, on an exceptional basis, Academic Members with proven experience helping others achieve excellence are able to apply for consideration to become a Recognized Excellence Expert™. If the member is in good standing and the Institute obtains references and feedback on the member from both other members and his or her clients which satisfy its Review Panel that the member possesses the required levels of subject matter expertise, communication skills, and willingness to learn and improve, the Institute will award the Recognized Excellence Expert™ accreditation to the member.

The accreditation is a “living one” which is revoked should any new feedback on the member’s professional performance require it, if the member fails to maintain subject matter expertise and ongoing personal development, is found to be be in breach of the Institute’s Code of Conduct, or ceases to be a member of the Institute.