Use governance to differentiate

EY’s 13th Global Fraud Survey, published a few weeks ago, found that 11% of CEOs are willing to misstate financial figures. As this is both unethical and illegal, this is the equivalent of finding that over 1 in 10 CEOs are not fit for their jobs.

7% of CFOs (and other senior financial roles surveyed) and 3% of General Counsels were also willing to misstate financial information.

One consequence of this lack of integrity is that it makes it more difficult for all organizations to earn the trust of their people, customers and other stakeholders. Nonetheless, the findings will trigger no action in most organizations (even when leaders are aware of the EY survey).

This apathy results in a missed opportunity to differentiate and win some hard earned trust by working to enhance the organization’s governance not for the sake of compliance but for leadership. Leadership that earns trust and builds brand equity.

Why not be one of the few organizations that responds?