Organizations that have achieved the Business Excellence Baseline™ standard are ready to continue their journey to excellence using the Business Excellence Alignment Model™.

As an organization progresses on the path to excellence, it soon finds that while standards like the Excellence Baseline™ are useful, more is required to be truly excellent. True excellence cannot be prescribed and it cannot come from the outside – rather, it must be nurtured by the organization’s leaders. The Business Excellence Alignment Model™ is the tool to help them deliver.

The model provides organizations of all sizes with guidance to help on their journey to excellence. It can be used to support the implementation of best practices across the organization, to assess progress, and to demonstrate a commitment to excellence.

Excellence Assessment enables organizations to:

  • Identify their strengths so that they can actively leverage them
  • Identify and prioritize areas for improvement
  • Improve their management and results
  • Demonstrate a commitment to excellence


“The Excellence Alignment Model assists organizations along the path to excellence, enabling them to integrate the journey into their strategy.“

  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • People
  • Communication
  • Processes
  • Resources
  • Product
  • Results

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