Mentoring & Coaching

To help members achieve their full potential, the Institute offers business mentoring and coaching to members. If you or somebody on your team is in need of:

  • Improving competencies
  • Building self-confidence
  • Support thinking about approaches and goals
  • Exploration of motivation, skills, and thought processes

Our coaches and mentors – who have a background in professional and executive roles, both domestically and internationally – can help.


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Coaching moves beyond training. It is a short to medium term development process that focuses on developing specific competencies or addressing specific performance challenges. It is both broader than what is offered on a training course and more focused, as it is tailored to the needs of an individual rather than a diverse group.

This helps translate learning into application and can be very beneficial for executives. Typically, coaching focuses on the skills and competencies needed for a person’s current role and their manager may be informed of progress.



A holistic, medium to long term development process that aims to facilitate business leaders’ learning and growth. Typically, mentoring applies to skills and competencies needed not only in a person’s current role but for the future.