Announcing the BEX Sustainable Business Excellence Framework

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  • Post published:November 5, 2015
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The world we work in has changed significantly over the past 30 years. Back when Excellence Models were being created, nobody had heard of the Internet and mobile phones were the stuff of Sci-fi. Over the years, numerous organisations have tried one of these models, some with more success than others. Today, many people find that they are outdated and no longer reflect the world we work in. It’s time for a new approach… Consequently, BEX is delighted to announce the launch of our new Sustainable Business Excellence Framework.

We’ve taken our extensive expertise of assessing organisations and of applying various models in organisations around the world and made the complex simple. The Sustainable Business Excellence Framework is non-prescriptive and focuses on 4 dimensions; Strategy, People, Resources and Customers. That’s right – only 4 “boxes”! The “Enablers” are combined with the “Results” so the Cause and Effect relationships between the things you do and the things you achieve is clear.

We’ve deliberately steered away from “criteria” and lists of bullet points. Whilst these can provide guidance for people starting their journey, many have found them to be counter-productive once they are on their way.

BEX is not geographically bound – this is a new Excellence Framework that can be used in any organisation, anywhere and it’s especially suitable for organisations with a mature excellence programme.

Furthermore – we’re distributing it free of charge !   Download your PDF copy HERE.