Recent Happenings

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  • Post published:September 4, 2015
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This post is an informal one just to share a little news.

After taking an MIT course on the Design and Development of Games for Learning (just as we were putting the finishing touches on APEX), I was asked to be a community TA for their course on the “Implementation and Evaluation of Educational Technology”. I agreed and it’s been an interesting learning experience, it’s also one that is useful for the Institute as we’re currently working on our eLearning platform where we will leverage the learning.

In other news, we’re taking APEX to the 9th European Conference on Games Based Learning in Norway next month and are sponsoring the EFQM Forum in Brussels two weeks later where will have APEX with us..

We’ve also just established a presence in Tokyo where we now have a capable, experienced senior executive and Excellence Assessor flying the BEX flag in the city that I have called home for many years.