Quality of Life – An Interdisciplinary Perspective

We are pleased to announce the publication today of Quality of Life An Interdisciplinary Perspective edited by Shruti Tripathi, Rashmi Rai, Ingrid Van Rompay-Bartels with a chapter based on research by the Institute’s president, John Bourke, Ole Petter Anfinsen of AEHP, and James Baker of Jaguar Land Rover.

The book – which is written for researchers and practitioners in the fields of management, behavioral science, public health, psychology, and politics – explores quality of life from many perspectives and highlights the importance of cultural differences in determining what people think of and about Quality of Life can be used as a guide for global wellbeing and future research.

The chapter written by John, Ole, and James is based on their research into the key factors that determine work-life balance. It discusses why work-life balance matters from an organizational perspective and presents some ideas on what organizations can do to nurture it.

Quality of Life An Interdisciplinary Perspective (ISBN: 978-0-367-43399-4) is published by CRC Press (Taylor & Francis Group) and is available for purchase online here.