Certified Excellence Assessor

Certified Excellence Assessors are people who have a robust, holistic understanding of business and experience working in organizations at managerial level. They have demonstrated their ability to objectively assess an organization in its context using a systematically designed assessment framework in order to provide management with actionable deliverables that can help drive results, innovation, continuous improvement, organizational development, and the crafting of strategy.

Certified Excellence Assessors can assess excellence in any organization – in the public or private sector – using any excellence model or framework.

Their training focuses on developing and honing the understanding and skills needed to effectively conduct site visits, interact appropriately with people at all levels in an organization, assess organizations against an excellence model or framework, and report their findings to an organization’s management or an excellence award’s jury.


Certification requires successful completion of the Institute’s continually-assessed Certified Excellence Assessor Training (Course M-04).

  • At least 5 years’ work experience of which at least half must be at managerial level
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Institute’s Business Excellence Alignment Model™ and its Sustainable Business Excellence Framework as well as a knowledge of at least 2 regional assessment tools
  • Take and pass the Institute’s Continually-Assessed Excellence Assessor Course
  • Have successfully conducted a real life assessment and have demonstrated* the capability to consistently assess an organization without supervision

* To the satisfaction of the Institute

Given Name Family Name County
John Bourke Ireland
Patrícia Carvalho Portugal
Aoife Corcoran Ireland
Matt Fisher Belgium
Yiannis Lagos Greece
Sergio Rios Huércano Spain
Neal Traynor Ireland
Ronan Traynor Ireland
Els Van de Water Italy

Indicates successful completion of training course but yet to conduct a real life assessment