Post-Sanction Iran Opportunities and Challanges

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  • Post published:January 28, 2016
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Given the lifting of sanctions on Iran, around the world companies in every sector now see the nation as a “great opportunity” for business. The Economist Intelligence Unit holds that “no market in the world has the same level of untapped potential” as Iran. However, while there are great opportunities, there are also risks.

Last Thursday, Shahriar Shafiri gave a 1.5-hour talk in the Dublin Chamber of Commerce on the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Iran now that it is poised to reopen for international trade and investment.

The talk was well-received. Ken Power – a founding member of the Value Investing Institute – commented that it was “not only very informative but also delivered by a genuinely friendly individual”. A sentiment that was shared by everyone attending. A report based on the presentation will be made available to members shortly.