Organizational Members may use the Business Excellence Institute’s logo, or the Institute’s member logo, in their marketing and promotional materials, provided they:

  • Follow the Organizational Members’ Code of Practice
  • Have paid the annual membership fee for the current year
Use Guidelines
  • The logo must not be used in any way that could be detrimental to the Business Excellence Institute or any of its members
  • The logo must not be shown in such a way that it appears to endorse a product or service
  • Only an official logo may be used: logo colors, font and the ratio of height to width may not be modified
  • The background must always be white with a minimum distance between it and other layout elements of 20% of the logo’s width
  • The logo width must always be at least 2cm wide in print media, 67 pixels wide on websites
Termination of Use

If an organization no longer meets the conditions to permit it to use the Institute’s logo, use of the logo must cease within the following time-frames

  • Organization website – within 7 days
  • Other digital materials – within 7 days
  • Printed material – within 60 days
BEX Logo
Logo Original 2