Large and Medium-sized Organizational Members are able to select one of the following elective service options each year as part of their membership fee (travel expenses, if any, need to be covered):

Excellence Workshop

This one day workshop for up to 15 participants is delivered onsite by a Recognized Excellence Expert. No preparation is required. It provides participants with an understanding of how excellence principles can be practically applied within your organization as they perform a high-level assessment of the organization using one of the Institute’s excellence frameworks (the Business Excellence Alignment Model or the Sustainable Business Excellence Framework, depending on the organization’s maturity).

Facilitated SPAR Assessment

This one day onsite Excellence Assessment of your organization’s Strategy, People and key Results (SPAR), is conducted by a Recognized Excellence Expert who examines existing documents and holds discussions onsite with your key people. The focus of the assessment is to discover opportunities for improvement and ways to further leverage strengths in the areas of strategy and execution.

SBEF Offsite Assessment

This assessment uses publicly available documents such as Annual Reports, Sustainability Reports and your organization’s website(s) as inputs for a one-day assessment conducted by a Recognized Excellence Expert. The assessment is conducted offsite using the Institute’s Sustainable Business Excellence Framework (SBEF) and a short written report is provided outlining the key findings.

Sustainability Assessment

A Recognized Excellence Expert or Chartered Business Excellence Professional will conduct a one-day sustainability assessment for you based on existing documentation and meetings with relevant senior people. The focus of the assessment will be on the various elements of your sustainability strategy and the results currently being achieved. Key findings will be presented in a short written report.

Baseline Evaluation

A one-day workshop for smaller organizations and those that are just starting their journey to excellence. The workshop will see a Recognized Excellence Expert or certified Excellence Baseline auditor walk your senior leaders through the high-level requirements of the Excellence Baseline looking at governance as well as people, risk and quality management.

Top-Up Option

Members can opt to increase the scope of any of these elective services to meet their specific needs. Please contact us with your requirements for a top-up quotation.

Note: if the service selected requires travel and accommodation, these will need to be covered by the member. We will always seek to minimize these and use local practitioners wherever possible.