Opportunity or Fad? ESG in an Age of Culture Politics

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The Business Excellence Institute has long held that a truly holistic approach to management is needed for organisations to become excellent, and that excellence requires the needs of all stakeholders to be taken into account.  In recent years ESG has become a leading, though increasingly divisive stakeholder topic, driven in part by a broader emphasis on stakeholder capitalism, increasing expectations from Generation Z employees to do good while doing well, and in particular, the inherent biases of culture politics.  
Many businesses however struggle to place themselves on the ESG map and its implications for their business strategy and operations, often hesitating to make decisions on whether to move quickly on ESG as an opportunity or ignore as a passing fad.  There is significant disagreement on ESG standards and ratings from global agencies which makes it hard to evaluate a company’s ESG performance (and consequently that of funds or portfolios).  Criticisms of ESG are not without merit – Stephen Denning, author of the 2022 book Reinventing Capitalism in the Digital Age, is not in favour of stakeholder capitalism but even he acknowledges that a business must ultimately pay attention to all its stakeholders. 
How can all this best be balanced? Join us for an online discussion, where we will hear from a panel of practitioners and experts who grapple with these challenges daily, to explore and debate the topic from a number of different perspectives. 
Host James Riordan (Principal Advisor, CARE Driving Ethics in Business) will be joined on the panel by:
▶ Mark Coyne
Global Sustainability Lead, Kerry Group
▶ Shana Hilliard
Diversity and Belonging Program Leader, CSC
▶  Per Ståhl
Managing Partner, Yggdrasil and Chief Investment Officer, Jäderberg & Cie
Register here: bit.ly/3Up2jxv
See you on the 26th!