Consultant Members

At the Institute, we recognize that many organizations start and continue their journey to excellence with the help and support of independent consultants. We want to create a “win-win-win” situation where introducing your clients to the Institute both strengthens your existing relationship with your client and provides you with a Reward Program that recognizes your contribution.

Independent consultants who join the Institute as Excellence Practitioners, can apply to join our pool of Excellence Assessors1 and, in addition to the other benefits individual members enjoy, can also:

  • Qualify to deliver BEX products and services
  • Join the BEX Reward Program
  • Become eligible to be added to our list of Recognized Excellence Experts™ 1
  • 1. You will need to be adequately qualified and to interview successfully

Consultant Members

The Excellence Practitioner annual fee is only €199 or, if you want to register your company, you can join using the Basic Member Package (€690 per year) which also enables up to 5 members of staff benefit from the Management Ecademy online training courses and apply to become a Chartered Business Excellence Professional™.


BEX Reward Program

Our reward program is simple:

  • If you introduce a new organizational member to the Institute, you will receive 10% of that member’s first year’s membership fee as a “thank you” and, when applicable, you will be paid to deliver the Annual Elective Service they select
  • For all other sales you make of BEX services where you do not deliver the service yourself, you will receive 20% of the fees the Institute receives after paying for service delivery (if you deliver the service yourself, the reward you get is the fee you get for delivering the service)