Jon Prusmack inducted to the Excellence Hall of Fame

At a ceremony in Dublin Jon Prusmack was inducted into the Excellence Hall of Fame on Friday, 19 February, as its inaugural member having been elected unopposed by the Institute’s Fellows.

John Bourke, the Institute’s President remarked when introducing him that Prusmack is “first and foremost a man of integrity. A man who has studied both art and mathematics, an artist who has excelled at sports, and one who – with many patents to his name – has invented things. A businessman who has successfully built more than one multi-million dollar company from zero and a man who can just as easily sit and talk to and engage with a five-year-old girl as with a 5-star general.”

Don Haider, Professor of Strategy at Northwestern’s Kellogg School of Management, congratulated Prusmack. He commented that “The story of how Jon founded, invented and pioneered deployable rapid assembly shelters is a tale of great vision and innovative thinking” and that “Prusmack’s products save lives”. He went on to say that the “US market for rugby continues to grow largely due to Jon Prusmack’s relentless pursuit of elevating this amateur sport to world competitive levels,” and that he is “Mr. Rugby in the USA, and for that accomplishment alone he deserves admission to the Excellence Hall of Fame.”

A Jon Prusmack FBEI 1
Jon Prusmack HoF 1

And Mike Henning, former Global CEO of EY, extended his heartfelt congratulations remarking:
“Having spent 40 years with Ernst and Young I’ve met quite a few outstanding entrepreneurs. Jon would rank right up at the top of the group,” referring to Jon as a “globalist” which he believes “has helped him in his creativity because in his worldwide travels he picked up many ideas which he used to make his products better.”