International Business Learning Games Competition Results

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Lisbon, Portugal, 24 September 2018

Congratulations to all the competition finalists and to the games that took home awards at this year’s International Business Learning Games Competition. The competition, sponsored by Banco Santander, saw a large number of entries reduced, after multiple run-throughs by the judges, to only 12 finalists:

  • ActeeLeadership (Denmark)
  • AdVenture (The Netherlands)
  • Bedaux Mythical Mailbox (The Netherlands)
  • Entrepreneurial Thinking (Canada)
  • Future of Energy Simulation (Norway)
  • Innovate or Dinosaur Game (Canada)
  • Innovation Management Game (The Netherlands)
  • The Collaboration Journey Challenge (USA)
  • The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine (USA)
  • Trip Game (Portugal)
  • Unlock: Project Management (UK)

The Award Winners were:


Game of the Year

Game of the Year Runner Up

Most Ambitious Game


Future of Energy Simulation

 Innovate or Dinosaur



 Specifique (Norway)

Traction Strategy (Canada)

 Actee (Denmark)

About The International Business Learning Games Competition

The International Business Learning Games Competition was created to encourage the use of new, innovative approaches to professional development by promoting the use of Learning Games as an educational technology. It recognises achievements and acknowledges the best games in the field from around the globe, inspiring the development of new innovative learning games for business.

Games are judged by an international panel of judges that combines expertise in business, pedagogy and game design, using a specially developed evaluation framework with input from educational experts and serious game designers. For more information on the competition see:

About The Business Excellence Institute

The Business Excellence Institute is a membership body, with members on five continents, dedicated to helping people – and the organizations they work for – deliver outstanding results for all their stakeholders. It promotes business excellence as a multi-disciplinary profession, excellence in management, and the use of innovative approaches to personal and organizational development. Through its members, it supports organizations ranging from small family-run businesses to federal governments on their journeys to excellence.

Game of the Year 96
Game of the Year Award Lars Pedersen, Petter Engelstad, and Adrian Helvik of Specifique for Future of Energy Simulation
Runner Up 96
Game of the Year Runner Up Tamara Eberle of Traction Strategy for Innovate or Dinosaur
Most Ambitious Game 96

Most Ambitious Game Lief Sørensen and Maja Spangsberg Krogstrup of Actee for ActeeLeadership

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