WorkingMultiCultural Team


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This one-day training workshop is an enhanced version of Forging High Performing Teams that take multicultural considerations into account. It brings people out of their comfort zones to build an understanding of what is required for successful teamwork in multicultural teams.

Course Details

This intense workshop is designed to provide participants with:

  • An understanding of different communication styles and the roles these play
  • An understanding of how culture impacts communication
  • A basic understanding of team dynamics and teamwork
  • An understanding of why certain behaviors support/undermine teamwork
  • An experience that will forge bonds with fellow participants
  • A renewed attitude towards teamwork and some ideas to help make this happen

The course combines instruction and group discussion with a major competitive project in which participants are broken into groups and challenged to complete difficult projects under time pressure, which will be critically reviewed by all other participants.

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249 1

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People m

Target Audience

All levels, all functions*





Course duration

7 Hours (including breaks)


Class size

Minimum of 14

* Except people who have taken O-31 Forging Excellent Teams and should supplement that course with O-51 Working Across Cultures