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Take your first step on the road to excellence – discover Business Excellence, learn about how it developed and about how it can help you.

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This half-day course introduces Business Excellence, the BEX Baseline, and the BEX Excellence Framework. It is predominantly lecture-style but also includes group discussion. Topics covered include:

  • The development of Business Excellence
  • Deming and other pioneers
  • The EFQM Excellence model and Baldridge principles
  • The BEX Excellence Baseline™
  • The Business Excellence Alignment Model™
  • The Sustainable Business Excellence Framework™
  • Process Excellence and Lean Six Sigma
  • Evidence that Business Excellence delivers results
  • Strategy integration
  • Easy first steps
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All levels, all functions





Course duration

4 hours (including breaks)


Class size

Minimum of 14

The course combines instruction and exercises, with group discussion.