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Take your first step on the road to excellence – discover Business Excellence, learn about how it developed and about how it can help you.

Course Details

The course has been developed to leverage the power of action learning, problem-based learning, and social learning. Pre-work, exercises, discussion and reflection are combines with presentations to quickly bring participants up to speed at prepare them to bring organization’s on their journey to excellence. Topics covered include:

  • Risk
  • Governance
  • People Management
  • Quality
  • Management-as-usual
  • The BEX Excellence Baseline™
  • The Business Excellence Alignment Model™
  • The Sustainable Business Excellence Framework™
  • Excellence Models
  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Assessing Excellence

While this course can be taken by an individual, it is most powerful when it is taken by a team from an organization, as this helps ensure that learnings are applied in the workplace.

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People m

Target Audience

Leaders at all levels of the organization



Management or consulting experience


Course duration

Prework: 1 day - Workshop: 2 days


Class size

Minimum of 6