Certified Excellence Assessor Course

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This blended learning course combines eLearning and a two-day interactive learning workshop that is continually assessed. The workshop component of the course is predominantly active learning, simulating a typical assessment process and the time pressures and teamwork required to successfully complete it. Successful participants attain Certification as an Excellence Assessor, with the ability to assess any organization using any Excellence Model.

Course Details

  • Assessor competencies and behaviors
  • Understanding the Assessment process
  • Simulation of a typical assessment process
  • Understanding different Excellence Models
  • Interview techniques
  • Collecting and understanding organizational information
  • Evidenced-based Scoring
  • Providing value-adding feedback, both written and verbal

Participants also benefit from role-plays, discussion sessions, one-to-one coaching and feedback during the course to develop the knowledge and capabilities they need to be an Excellence Assessor.

Please note: Some Award Assessment bodies may require additional training or certification to qualify to work with them

People m

Target Audience

Those who want to qualify as Excellence Assessors to offer assessment services, to conduct internal*



Minimum of 5 years professional work experience – at least half must be at a managerial level – and other qualifications


Course duration

eLearning: 1 ~ 2 days; Workshop: 2 days (8 hours each, including breaks)


Class size

6 to 12 people

* self-assessments in their own organization, or to better perform while working on various regional excellence award assessments.


NPS ranges from -100 to +100, positive scores are good
NPS 100%