Business Excellence Institute Fellows are the professionals at the top of their game who have not just experience but a demonstrated track record of contributing to the development and success of organizations or the development of business excellence disciplines. They are entitled to use the professional designation FBEI after their name.

It is difficult to become a Fellow. People must first be nominated by another member of the Institute after which a Candidate Profile is compiled and circulated to all Fellows who review it and then vote by secret ballot on if the candidate should be made a Fellow or not.


You can be nominated to become a Fellow of the Institute if you:

  • Are, and remain, an Excellence Practitioner or an Academic Member of the Institute in good standing
  • Have at least 15 years’ professional work experience
  • Have experience working in at least 2 industries
  • Can demonstrate a strong track record of contribution to organizational development and success*
  • Can demonstrate experience leading, coaching, mentoring, or training others

* The Institute’s Fellows will determine if the track record qualifies as “strong”, their decision is final and not open to appeal.
Unsuccessful nominees can be renominated after a period of at least 2 years has passed.

And have:
  • Worked in at least 3 functional roles OR Worked as an entrepreneur and as an employee in another organization
  • A post-graduate degree OR an Excellence Assessor qualification
  • Published articles, papers or books on the topic(s) related to business excellence OR Blog on a topic or topics related to business excellence
    (in exceptional circumstances, this requirement can be waived)
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