Associate Membership of the Business Excellence Institute is the entry level membership for individuals who have left full-time education. It helps to position you as a developing Business Excellence professional and gives you access to the Institute’s knowledge base and discussion groups to support your professional development.

Becoming an Associate Member can be a good way to accelerate your career. It enables you to and offers opportunities for you to get to know a wide range of seasoned experts in various sectors around the globe. Also, if you opt to actively participate in the Institute’s activities, it gives you the opportunity to become known in its community and build your reputation as an upcoming, high-potential individual of talent.

Since Associate Membership is only available to those who do not yet qualify for Excellence Practitioner or Academic membership, the maximum duration one can be an Associate Member for is 3 years. After which, you will need to become an Excellence Practitioner or an Academic Member.
The majority of Associate Members are working towards becoming Excellence Practitioners.


Irrespective of the industry or function in which you started your career, you can become an Associate Member as long as you do not qualify to be an Excellence Practitioner or Academic Member, and have some experience in ( or knowledge of) one of the following fields:

…and you agree to abide by the Business Excellence Institute’s Code of Conduct.

Annual Fee
12 months' Associate membership
(from date of application)