ICOBLG 2019 Presentations

IBLGC Lisbon 2019

Presentation Download Link
Teresa de la Hera Download PDF
Pere Juarez Download PDF
Michael Sutton Download PDF
Rob Alvarez Bucholska Download PDF
Dianne Tyers Download PDF
Sara de Freitas Download PDF
Luis Madureira Coming Soon

The Business Excellence Institute is a membership body that is dedicated to helping people, and the organizations they work for, achieve outstanding results for all their stakeholders. It promotes business excellence as a multi-disciplinary profession, excellence in management, and the use of innovative approaches to personal and organizational development.

We’ve individual members – with diverse backgrounds in the public and private sector – and organizational members and we support organizations ranging from small family businesses to federal governments. We would love if you became a member so you can avail of a 25% discount on your first year of membership if you join this month using the promo code:ICOBLG

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