Ethics in Professional Services

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Professional services firms are those others look to when looking for advice and guidance or when looking to ensure that financial accounts are fair and accurate. However, should they be?

Some of the most respected brands in the world have been found to be ethically wanting, which prompts the question – should they be trusted?

Legal firms have been seen to put their earnings ahead of their clients’ interests. Management consultants give advice to companies that compete with each other and some have been involved in major scandals.

Examples of ethical failings are so plentiful one might conclude that professional service firms only pay lip service to the idea of being ethical. This does a disservice to the global business community, to the firms’ clients, and to those employees in the firms who are ethical.

What can be done about this? Why should and how can people have trust in these firms?

In this panel discussion we will hear from a range of people who will explore the issue from different perspectives.

The session will be chaired by Dwight Mihalicz who will be joined on the panel by David Paige, Shane Connors, and Dr Susan McKeever.

Wednesday, September 6
13:00 (Dublin) | 8:00 (NYC) | 14:00 (Berlin/Paris) | 16:00 (Dubai) | 17:30 (Delhi)

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