Don’t be an Average Manager – a lighthearted poem

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  • Post published:July 15, 2020
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Image by Gerd Altmann

Don’t be an average manager, sign the Excellence Manifesto.

To be professional and not an amateur,
Don’t be an average manager.
Most of whom don’t make the grade,
Not worth the salaries that they’re paid.
Take simple steps to outperform
This mediocre, frequent norm.

Select people with the care that’s due,
Then motivate them to work with you.
Listen well, think, then decide.
Forge a team, get all on-side.
Let people know what they’re to do
And when it’s done, say “thank you.”
Help them when they need support,
Inform them when they fall short.
Trust those to whom you assign a task
There’s little more that one could ask.

Results will follow this approach
You’ll be a manager beyond reproach.