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APEX – 2015 International Serious Games Competition Category Finalist

October 9, Norway: APEX, the Institute’s innovative Board Room Board Game™ which enables managers learn how to be strategic and make decisions in the face of uncertainty, was a shortlisted as a Category Finalist at the 2015 International Serious Educational Games Competition hosted in Steinkjer, in the category “Non-Digital Games”.

APEX received praise from many of the competitors, including Gillian Morrision (Swinburne University, Australia) who commented: “I thought it was a very clever collaborative board game that would be a highly useful tool for training both the interactive complexities that exist within large organisations and methods of collaboration between players.

She continued: “I particularly liked that being a board game, rather than a digital game, players sit next to each other physically…experiencing wins and losses together in a non-risk environment.

Other competitors included games from Aarhus University (Denmark), the University of Sydney (Australia) and Leeds Beckett University (UK). APEX was the only game in its category not from a university to make the finals. The wide-reaching category was won by a card game for school children from Tokyo University’s Toru Fujimoto (Assistant Professor of the University’s the Center for Research & Development of Higher Education).

Commenting on APEX’s success, Institute president John Bourke remarked:

We’re delighted to have made it to the final in our category and congratulate Professor Fujimoto on his victory. Tokyo University is one of the world’s leading centres of academic excellence it’s great that we were in contention along side them.

Barbara Baisi and Karoline SchnurProject Managers Barbara Baisi & Karoline Schnur (Babbel, Berlin) examine APEX
Gerrit Lochmann, Research Associate, University of Koblenz LandauGerrit Lochmann, University of Koblenz Landau, talks with John Bourke
Ian Stewart, Lecturer, University of ManchesterDr Ian Steward (Manchester University) in conversation with Shahriar Sharifi

Photos: Courtesy of Jerry Chu, National Chen Kung University, Taiwan

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