2017 International Business Learning Games Competition – Open for Entries

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  • Post published:March 29, 2017
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To encourage innovation and as part of our commitment to best practice, the Institute runs the annual International Business Learning Games Competition. Entries for 2017 are now being accepted (closing date 31 May) and the finals will be held in Lisbon on October 2.

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Best practice in learning has long since moved from lecture style approaches with a “sage on a stage” who talks at people to active participation approaches such as problem based, cooperative, and social learning. Learning games are powerful tools that can be very effective – they shift the focus from “being taught” to “learning”, facilitating learning for everyone from children to seasoned executives.

The increased use of learning games, will help organizations attract, develop, and retain talent, assisting them to achieve their strategic goals. In the public and non-profit sector this will also translate into positive social impact.

The objective of the competition is to attract entrants from different industries and sectors from around the world, recognize their achievements, acknowledge the best games in the field, and inspire others to develop new innovative learning games for business.

If you have a learning game of any type that helps people learn about business or a discipline that directly applies to business, management or work check out the Competition website
BusinessLearningGames.com .


Entry Submission Deadline31 May 2017
2017 IBLGC Finals, Games Showcase & Awards2 October 2017