2016 International Business Learning Games Competition

Every year individuals and businesses invest vast sums of time and money (estimated to be over $130 billion globally) in business education and training. Best practice has long since moved from lecture style approaches to “constructivist” active learning approaches, problem based learning, social learning, and cooperative learning.

Learning Games are powerful tools which enable people learn cognitive and non-cognitive skills, information, theories, and good practice. They shift the focus from “being taught” to “learning” and facilitate learning for everyone from school children to the most seasoned of executives.

The Business Excellence Institute has being using Learning Games in its courses since it was founded. Now – in line with our mission to promote excellence – we are delighted to announce the launch of the International Business Learning Games Competition to encourage the development and use of Learning Games for business education and training.

The objective of the competition is to attract entrants from different industries and sectors from around the world, recognize their achievements, acknowledge the best games in the field, and inspire others to develop new innovative learning games for business.

If you have a learning game of any type that helps people learn about business or a discipline that directly applies to business, management or work check out the 2016 IBLG Competition website.