The Excellence Manifesto

The Excellence Manifesto is a declaration of war on mediocrity.

In an ideal world there would be no need for this. Logically, you would assume all organisations would want to be excellent. This theory runs aground the moment it hits reality. Human nature is such that challenges arise with governance, leadership, communication, resource management, risk management, innovation, getting the balance between the long term and the short term right, and more.

Management-as-usual, is the enemy of excellence. It promotes mediocrity.

The Excellence Manifesto is a call to action. It calls on all organizations, regardless of size or sector, to publicly commit to the pursuit of excellence. This means striving to achieve optimal results for all stakeholders, continuous improvement, and pursuing a strategy that does not sell out future generations.

By adding your name to the Manifesto, you commit to strive for excellence and do so in public, both answering the call for action and helping to make it louder.

For more information about the Excellence Manifesto and to sign it, visit its dedicated website.