APEX – Management Training Game

About APEX

APEX – the Boardroom Board Game™ – is the Institute’s game to help executives learn how to achieve excellence. Key learnings include:

  • How to be strategic
  • How to make decisions in the face of uncertainty
  • How to managing your organization to deliver outstanding results for its stakeholders
  • How to work as an effective team
  • Lessons on leadership, risk, communication, and resource management


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Feedback on APEX

What an effective way to explore risk, strategy, leadership and conflicting priorities and demands in a fun and innovative manner. I didn’t want to stop playing!.”
Barbara Chappell, Registrar & Director candidate, Ontario Association of Certified Engineering Technicians & Technologists (Toronto, Canada)

APEX creates an environment for businesses, but more importantly, individuals to learn …a really good mixture between the long-term strategy of the business and managing the day-to-day…making decisions in an environment where you’re mixing the views of different people, learning listening and verbalization skills, in an amazingly fun environment.”
Mark Coyne, Best Practice & Innovation Director, Veolia UK & Ireland (Dublin, Ireland)

There are so many facets to APEX – you learn to work in a team, stay focused, mitigate risks, exercise integrity and, most of all, keep your business balanced to achieve great results. And it was so much fun.”
Demid Tishin, CEO, All Correct Group (Samara, Russia)

We had fun playing APEX, I think any leadership team will get benefit from it …and I think any player will be surprised at how fun and engaging it is.”
Gavin Denn, VP Operations & General Counsel, Intellectual Ventures – Invention Investment Ireland

What I really liked about APEX was how the scenario drew you into the game. Although the company is completely different to mine, it was easy to draw parallels with real events from my company. I really enjoyed playing and, as everyone knows, it’s much easier to learn when you’re having fun.”
Mia Goetvinck, Director Business Excellence & CSR, Ricoh Europe (Belgium)

APEX provided an engaging, stimulating and fascinating way to explore the complex and dynamic interaction of factors that influence our business decision-making and then affect the outcomes of those decisions. As players, we became conscious of our decision-making procesess as well as the factors we could and couldn’t control. Playing APEX also shone a light on how our team interacted and the strengths and weaknesses of that interaction with respect to our business outcomes. I highly recommend the APEX game experience”
Dianne Tyers, Founder & Chief Executive, Advance Consulting for Education (Toronto, Canada)

Provides an excellent learning experience…There is no doubt that thinking and decision making skills are enhanced…I strongly commend and recommend APEX.”
Dr Eoghan O’Grady, Technological University Dublin, College of Business (Dublin, Ireland)

A highly useful tool for training… I particularly liked that being a board game, rather than a digital game, players sit next to each other physically allowing them to build the fun, friendship and positive camaraderie that comes through experiencing wins and losses together in a non-risk environment.”
Gillian Morrison, Serious Games PhD candidate, Swinburne University (Melbourne, Australia)


  • APEX - The Boardroom Board Game™
  • APEX - The Boardroom Board Game™
  • Decision Making in the face of Uncertainty
    Strategy - Teamwork - Communications
  • Applied Excellence
    The Boardroom Board Game™
    - Advanced Management Learning -